Start the text editor#

By using Microsoft Windows operating system, the Teddy can be opened directly by:

  • Double clicking (2x left_mouse_button_small) on the teddy_large icon at desktop

  • via Start Menu SOFiSTiK FEA 2023 teddy_large Teddy 2023

Teddy can be opened via Home ribbon directly from following programs:

  • resultviewer_large Result Viewer

  • execute_wps_large Calculate

  • ssd_large Structural Desktop (SSD)

  • report_browser_large Report Browser

By clicking on the teddy_small Teddy icon, the program will start.

For special cases the user may start the program from a command shell by using the following command lines:

ted [/options] [filename] [line column]


  • [filename] :
    As a filename you may also enter a + or ++ this will load the last or second last file respectively. By using abc*.dat the open file dialogue will be started with the given pattern match. The following command *.* will select the whole directory.
  • [/options] :

    • [SOFiSTiK_Path] :
      Path for the SOFiSTiK-executables (Change or set the environment variable SOFiSTiK=…)
    • /1 to /4 :
      Will create additional instances of TEDDY. The number will select the colour of the TEDDY-icon.

Overview of the possible input commands:



+ or ++

Opens the last file or the last but one. Is used without a switch - or /

-0 -1 -2 -3 -4

Allows the startup of up to 5 instances


Starts the application as a separate instance (no single application)

[line number]

The cursor is placed directly into the given line. The line number must be the last transferred parameter.