Combine Characteristic Loads#

Using the SSD task task_combine_loads_small Combine Characteristic Loads, the required characteristic load case combinations which are necessary for a further superposition workflow can be defined manually for all members.


In some cases it is necessary to factorize loads before superimposing them with other actions according to the selected design code. E.g. for bridge design the different temperature loads for the permanent and variabel parts have to be factorized according to EN 1991-1-5 6.1.5.

The resulting load cases can be assigned to an action for the further processing in the superposition workflow. First, these resulting load cases have to be calculated with the task ‘’Linear Analysis’’ in order to get the internal forces and displacements.

Tab Load Case Combinations#

When opening a new task ‘’Combine Characteristic Loads’’ no load case combinations are shown.


The load case combination is put together at Selected Combination in the lower part.


At first the load case combination number has to be defined at Number.

At Action the resulting load case is assign to an action for further processing in the superposition workflow. Possible actions have to be defined before with the task ‘’Action Manager’’. It is also possible to assign the resulting load case to no action with none.

The title of the load case combination is generated automatically taking into account the load cases and their used factors. The title can be modified manually by setting the tick.

In the table the single load cases can be added with their factors. Load cases can be added using the button + for a new load case.

With a tick at Evaluation for linear temperature load and eigenstresses the equivalent linear temperature distributions and the eigenstresses can be calculated.

Corresponding Program#

As a result, an input for the program SOFiLOAD is generated, e.g.

HEAD Combine loads

LC NO 901 TYPE T  TITL "Temperature load LC 901"
   COPY NO 81 FACT 1
   COPY NO 83 FACT 0.75