Start Result Viewer#

Using Windows OS the interactive resultviewer_small RESULT VIEWER can be used for post-processing. The RESULT VIEWER can be opened directly from:

  • teddy_small Teddy,

  • execute_wps_small Calculate (ex. WPS),

  • report_browser_small Report Browser, or

  • sofistik_small SSD.

By clicking on the resultviewer_small Result Viewer icon, the current database is opened.

Start or Program ribbon resultviewer_large ‘’Result’’

Result plots and tables can be viewed and modified, after saving of the respective document the generated .RESULTS file contains all input necessary to reproduce the plots. The generated text file can be included (refer to +APPLY or #include) or directly pasted into a .DAT file.

Using the interactive SSD workflow the RESULT VIEWER can be inserted as Task resultviewer_small ‘’Interactive List and Graphic’’ from the SSD task library. The generated plots are then included into the project and handled automatically using the Report Browser format settings (Menu FILE Ribbon page_setup_small ‘’Page Setup’’ in Report Browser).

The following possibilities are available to start the program Result Viewer:

  • Start from the Ribbon (HOME / PROGRAM) resultviewer_large ‘’Result’’ (Stand-Alone)

  • insert_task_small Inserting task ‘’Interactive List and Graphic’’ from SSD task library (as task)

  • Start from Start-Menu resultviewer_large ‘’Result Viewer 2024’’ (Stand-Alone)