General settings for the design include:

  • The defintiton of a designcase number in which the reinforcement will be stored for postprocessing purposes,

  • The Selection of Loadcases,

  • Settings for the compression strut angle,

  • The possibility to change the Partial Safety Factors for concrete and steel and

  • Design control options.

Selection of Loadcases#

In the loadcase selection table you can find all loadcases generated in the task_superpositioning_small Superpositioning for Combination Rules suitable for the particular design limit state.

Compression strut angle#

Per default, the compression strut angle theta is calculated automatically according to the chosen design code. Alternatively, you can enter an lower limit for theta.


If you chose to consider an offset value for the shift-rule for tension reinforcement, please check for effects following the manual input of a lower limit for theta.

Design controls#

For the Graduation of the reinforcement, you can select between the following options:

Graduation Style




The reinforcement is staggered along the beam with no simplifications within elements, spans or areas with the same cross section.


continuous per element

For all elements with the same section (interpolated section or same section number), the maximum for the element is incorporated as the minimum reinforcement.


continuous per span

For all spans with the same section (interpolated section or same section number), the maximum for the span is incorporated as the minimum reinforcement.

Additionally, you can deselect the consideration of the prescribed reinforcement from the cross section definition for the design. In this case the reinforcement saved in the design case is the required reinforcement from the design and will not be increased if the presicribed reinforcement of the cross section is higher.