Software Release Schedule#


SOFiSTiK has switched to a yearly release cycle for all SOFiSTiK products (incl. current OEMs) with a service period of 3 years. Meaning that from release 2023 there will not only be a BIM App and compatibility release for SOFiCAD and SOFiPLUS, but also a release of the FEA products including latest OEM versions.

The first customer shipment (FCS) of a SOFiSTiK major release is preceded by an extensive testing period. The major release cycle is supplemented by a two-month service pack cycle. Service packs are quality assured, which means they have passed both the continuous testing procedures and the functional tests. They are available for download via the SOFiSTiK update tool SOFiSTiK Application Manager (SAM).

Software updates for the current version (service packs) include bug-fixes and minor new features. Major new developments with increased potential regarding side- effects are reserved for major releases with an obligatory extensive testing period.