Backup of Data#

It must be mentioned that all valuable data can be lost under certain circumstances. Information on the hard disk can be lost due to faulty hardware, operating system faults or program errors.


A regular backup of relevant data is highly recommended.

The basic rule is that valuable information should always be stored in three independent medias, because an error during a backup may destroy both the copy and the original. A backup should me made daily. In the case of larger projects the entire database, which is often the result of several weeks of analysis, a backup should be made in regular intervals.

Important files are the automatically created DAT-files as well as the .SOFISTIK files, the project file .DWG and the input files for the graphical postprocessing .GRA and .RESULTS. If your CDB contains important information you may create a condensed backup-version via the program DBINFO (Database Information).

Within ribbon menu Home or Program delete_small Clean there is a function to delete unimportant files in your project directories.

See also

The DAT input is the best way to backup your project for future usage. For more information please refer to Export to DAT.