For the design in the serviceability limit state, a designcase from previous design steps can be set as minimum. After the design, the reinforcement from the SLS design is compared to the reinforcement from the selected minimum designcase and only the maximal values are stored under the designcase number entered at ‘Designcase SLS’.

In the loadcase selection table you can find all loadcases generated in the task_superpositioning_small Superpositioning for Combination Rules task with types suitable for the SLS design. You can select loadcases manually or select a group of loadcases by type, namely:

  • all characteristic loads (type (R)),

  • all frequent loads (type (F)),

  • all quasi-permanent loads (type (P)),

  • all non-frequent loads (type (N)).

In the design control section, the crack width for the crack width control can be defined. The default value for EN 1992 is 0.2 mm.