Construction Stages - Results#


The following description is valid for a construction process with stage numbers ranging from 1 to 999 (extension for stage numbers > 999: see final section).

The Construction Stages task creates several sets of loadcases.

  • Loadcases 4000-4999:

    • here the loads and results of the individual construction stages until the “present” stage (which is denoted by the last 3 digits of the loadcase number) are summed up

    • these loadcases show the actual state of internal forces, displacments, etc. in each construction stage

    • example: loadcase 4060 shows the sum of loads/results of all construction stages up to (and including!) the present stage 60

  • Loadcases 5000-5999:

    • show the difference of loads and results of a construction stage to the previous one

    • example: loadcase 5060 shows the difference of loads/results/displacements from the previous stage (e.g. 55) to the present stage 60 (LC 5060 = LC 4060 - LC 4055)

  • Loadcases 6000-6999:

    • are used to store the eigenstresses from creep and shrinkage for beam elements


These are only calculated if module AQB is used for the calculation of creep and shrinkage (default for beam elements; see also tab Control Parameters).

  • Loadcases 7000-7999:

    • are used to store the linear elastic stresses of beam elements in the present stage

    • example: loadcase 7060 shows the stresses in construction stage 60 resulting from the sum of internal forces (loadcases from 5000 to 5060) and eigenstresses (loadcases from 6000 to 6060)


The stresses are only computed if the option Stress results for all stages is selected in tab Control Parameters

  • Loadcases 15000-15999:

    • are used to store the primary (statically determinate) effect of prestress for the individual stressing stages

  • Loadcases 16000-16999:

    • are used to store the secondary (statically indeterminate) effect of prestress for the individual stressing stages

Additional results for special settings#

Precamber analysis#

For the precamber analysis the precamber is included in the deflections of loadcases 4000-4999. For checking purposes there are also loadcases created without precamber. These are stored in the loadcases 14000-14999.

GPC-seperated Loadcases#

For the special option of GPC-separated loadcases (see Separation of GPC loads for construction stages: Removing temporary supports in tab Control Parameters) the additional loadcase sets 11000-11999, 12000-12999, 13000-13999 are created (for further information see section 2.13.1 in the manual of module CSM).

Extension for stage numbers > 999#

If construction stages with numbers > 999 are included in the analysis the above concept is expanded for higher numbers:

LC number for max. stage number < 999

LC number for max. stage numbers > 999


3970- 3997

3970- 3997

Comparison load cases - cast in one stage

4000 - 4999

40000 - 49999

Total construction stage displacements and forces (without prestress losses from creep and shrinkage)

5000 - 5999

50000 - 59999

Difference displacements and forces

6000 - 6999

60000 - 69999

AQB eigenstresses from creep and shrinkage incl. prestress losses

7000 - 7999

70000 - 79999

Sum of (linear-elastic) stresses incl. prestress losses from creep and shrinkage

15000 - 15999

150000 - 159999

Primary effect of prestress

16000 - 16999

160000 - 169999

Secondary effect of prestress