SOFiPLUS(-X) Modeling#


SOFiPLUS(-X) is an AutoCAD-based graphical preprocessor to define structures and loads for further analysis with the SOFiSTiK suite of programs. It directly reads and writes the calculation model from and to the SOFiSTiK database (.cdb).

The product SOFiPLUS is an add-in for AutoCAD allowing the user to take advantage of the full AutoCAD functionality (like labelling, hatching, dimensioning, …).

The product SOFiPLUS-X is a standalone application based on a specialized AutoCAD OEM kernel. It has been optimized and streamlined by SOFiSTiK to improve the workflow for typical structural engineering tasks but is slightly reduced in functionality (e.g. plotting).

SSD and SOFiSTiK structural programs are needed for the subsequent structural analysis and design.

Get started#

To start the program SOFiPLUS(-X) use the SSD task task_sofiplus_small ‘’SOFiPLUS(-X)’’. Now the structural system and the loads can be defined.

The SOFiPLUS(-X) the sidebar alows the user to generate a model for a later calculation in SSD. Accordingly, the following elements are available:

  • structural elements to define the system

  • standard cross sections as well as user-defined cross sections with variability if required

  • free and element bound loads

  • axes and tendons for e.g. bridges and silos

Via the command Export, the elements for the system generation and the loads are written into the SOFiSTiK database (.cdb) and are therefore available for further analysis.

Possible warnings and/or errors during the writing to the database are logged in the sidebar.

For more information regarding the system definition via SOFiPLUS(-X), please see the task_sofiplus_small SOFiPLUS(-X) manual.

To become acquainted with the program SOFiPLUS(-X), please also visit the SOFiSTiK Website where the latest information regarding up-coming webinars, training courses or releases is available.