CADINP completer#

About completer#

The CADINP completer provides code completion for the CADINP language. While typing, the completer will show in the pop-up almost all available:

  • code_completion_rec_small records,

  • code_completion_key_small keys and

  • code_completion_lit_small literals.


You can manually open the pop-up from the CADINP completer by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + L. The pop-up of the CADINP completer will then show all available code_completion_rec_small records, code_completion_key_small keys or code_completion_lit_small literals at current position of the cursor.

Available options#

To modify the CADINP completer options, please follow next steps:

  1. ‘’File’’ Ribbon user_options_small User Options

  2. Go to the tree entry: teddy_small Teddy: Text Editor

  3. Go to ‘’CADINP Input / PDF Help’’

There you will find following options:

  • checkbox_checked_small Automatic completion
    If you want to deactivate the CADINP completer, then just uncheck (= checkbox_unchecked_small ) the checkbox for ‘’Automatic completion’’.
  • checkbox_checked_small Complete with upper case
    In case you want to show the proposals from the pop-up with upper-case, then just check the checkbox (= checkbox_checked_small ) for ‘’Complete with upper case’’.