Start of a Single Program#

Sometimes it can occur that one would like to start a program directly. This is generally possible if the input file already contains all parameter replacements. If you want to create a parsed file from a normal input file, you can do this by using execute_wps_small ‘’Calculation’’ with:

FILE ‘’Save Parsed File…’’

if you want to save the complete parsed file or alternatively with:

FILE ‘’Save Parsed Module: name …’’

If only a single module is required to be parsed. The module selection is done in the Calculation-tree.

The start of the single programs occurs then with:

program filename [-parm] [projekt]
  • filename

    is the name of the input file; it indicates also the basic name of the output files. If the name contains blanks, it must be enclosed with ‘’. project is the name of the data base. In general the same parameters as for program execute_wps_small Calculation are used in parameter. Some extra parameters are added though. For example in controlling, what type of metafile is to be created and whether an existing metafile is appended or deleted.

If one starts an analysis program without using any parameters, the program will start up by showing its name, version number and the list of the possible parameters. The license and the version of the ERR-file are checked.