Did you have problems with moved bars?#

Get familiar with the Style property at the bar type. Rebars with the style set to Standard has less priority and will always evade the bars with a set style to Stirrup / Tie.

Do one of the following to check and change the style property:
  • Select the rebar > click Modify | Structural Rebar tab > Mode panel > icon_EditSketch (Edit Sketch) > Change the Style parameter in the properties palette.

  • Open the rebar shape family in the Family Editor > Create tab > Properties panel > icon_FamilyTypes (Family Types) > Change the Style parameter in the Family Types Dialog.


Set the default style property to Standard for all your rebar shape families or follow the steps to access the SOFiSTiK rebar shape catalogue. Click Reinforcement tab > Other panel > Other drop-down > icon_Other (Other) > Click Content Folder.

Learn more about rebar constraint behavior in a host:

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