All Shape Details#

Creates a Drafting View containing all detail shapes for all the positions from a plan or from a selection.

  1. Activate the view which contains the reinforcement for which you want to automatically generate the shape details.

  2. (Optional) Select one or more reinfrocement elements for shape detail generation.

    If you do not select reinforcement elements, the icon_all_shapes (All Shape Details) will draw the profile for all the positions in the plan.

  3. Click on icon_all_shapes (All Shape Details) command

  4. Select a Sheet and click OK.

  5. Choose the desired scale for the drafting view containing all the profiles and click OK.

  6. A drafting view will be created which can be adjusted and inserted in plan.


You can run icon_all_shapes (All Shape Details) from sheet without activating any view, the drafting view will be generated containing all the positions in this plan and will be also inserted in the upper right corner in one step. It only remains for you to adjust it and with drag and drop to move it on the desired place in sheet.


You can change the maximum grid width of All Shape Details at the Settings.