Reinforcement Browser#

Opens a Browser with a list of all reinforcement elements of the entire project. The elements will be sorted according to the set mode for marks in the Settings dialog.

  1. Click Reinforcement tab > Check panel > icon_List (RC Browser).

    The dockable window Reinforcement Browser displays.

  2. Dock the Reinforcement Browser to your desired location within the Revit application window, or move it to another monitor.


By using the context menu you can select multiple elements, show a single element or copy one or more element IDs to the clipboard.


To find a specific element from your project in your browser, you can select it in any view > right-click anywhere in the browser > icon_ShowSelected (Show Selected element)


The filter gives you the possibility to control which elements are shown in the RC Browser.

  1. Click icon_Filter (Filter).

  2. Add rules that identify the desired elements based on their parameter values. To create a rule, click Add Rule. Then select a category, a parameter, an operator, and a value.

  3. When you finish defining filter rules, click OK to save the filter and close the dialog.

When a filter in the RC Browser is active, the Filter icon icon_Filter_on and the Browser border is highlighted.

To delete a Filter, open the Filter dialog and Click icon_Delete (Delete) for all filter rules.


Only elements of loaded assignments are considered by the filter. Assignments can be loaded manually by using the right click menu.


Here are a few examples of what the filter can be used for:

Filter Rules


Rebars Bar_Length is greater than 12 m

Show all rebar sets longer than the delivery length of 12 m

Rebars ShapeCode equals 99

Show all rebar sets that have a non-standard bending shape

Rebars Layer contains B

Show all rebar sets that are in the bottom layer (B1 and B2)

Rebars ShapeCode equals 00 AND Rebars Bar_Length is less than 1 m

Show all straight bars shorter than 1 m

Fabrics Member begins with W

Show all fabrics that are part of Members that begin with W

Rebars Assignment equals S.01 OR Fabrics Assignment equals S.01

Show all rebar sets and fabrics from assignment S.01

Marks Shape Detail has Total Shape No

Show all rebar marks that don’t have a Shape Detail

Load Assignments#

Assignments are Sheets, Hosts or SOFiSTiK_Members, where the reinforcement elements are assigned to. The kind of Assignment you’re working with depends on the mode for marks setting of your project.

After opening a project, no elements are loaded to the SOFiSTiK Database - All the Assignments in the Browser are disabled. As soon as you’re editing or adding a reinforcement element, the whole Assignment of the modified or new element is loaded automatically - The Assignment in the Browser is enabled.

To load one or several Assignments manually, do one of the following:
  • Right-Click a Assignment in the RC Browser > icon_Load (Load).

  • Right-Click anywhere in the RC Browser > icon_LoadAll (Load All).