Shape Images#

The Shape Images tool creates an image of the rebar shape for each mark and adds it to the parameter Image of each rebar instance. These images can be used very comfortably in Revit schedules. The desired width for the shape images can be set on the Schedule tab in the Settings dialog. The tool uses the units for reinforcement length and diameter from the Revit project units (Click Manage tab > Project Units > Discipline: Structural).

  1. Click Reinforcement tab > Schedule panel > Schedule drop-down > icon_ShapeImages (Shape Images).

    The Select Sheet/Host dialog displays (In case active view is not a sheet in the mode “marks per sheet”)

  1. Select a sheet/host in the dialog.

    The Images will be created for further usage in Revit schedules.


To get a proper font size for your images, make sure to set the image width in the Settings dialog equal to your column width of the Revit schedule which will be used to show the image.


Feature Video#

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