Tag Missing#

The Tag Missing tool tags all untagged reinforcement elements according to the current annotation settings. In contrast to the command Tag All, all modifications previously completed will be kept. This tool can be useful, for example, if existing tags have been moved to a desired position, or the tag family (or its type) has been changed.

  1. Activate the view in which you want to tag reinforcement.

  2. (Optional) Select one or more rebars and/or fabric sheets to tag.

    If you do not select reinforcement elements, the Tag Missing tool will tag all reinforcement in the view that are not already tagged.

  3. Click Reinforcement tab > Tag and Detail panel > icon_TagMissing (Missing).


You can set different tag families for reinforcement which is assigned to another sheet on the Rebar tab and Fabric tab in the Settings dialog.



In the operational mode “Marks per sheet” the active view has to be on a sheet and the sheet assignment must be already completed.