User’s Guide#

Welcome to the documentation for SOFiSTiK Analysis + Design for Revit 2024.

About SOFiSTiK#

SOFiSTiK is Europe’s leading manufacturer of construction software for analysis, design, and detailing. Over 2,000 customers worldwide use the company’s solutions to build large and complex infrastructure and buildings or implement special projects. These include the Bosporus Bridge in Istanbul and the new Leverkusen Bridge spanning the Rhine. Visit our Website to know more about us.


SOFiSTiK Analysis + Design performs structural analysis of buildings and member design with Autodesk® Revit®.

It allows to generate a 3D Finite-Element model from Revit analytical model including loads and boundary conditions. The generation of the Finite Element model is started directly from within Revit.

Additional commands allow to check and enrich Revit’s analytical model with regards to a Finite Element analysis. To give a few examples:

  • The mapping features and the analytical check enable to control the BIM model prior to meshing.

  • With the SOFiSTiK Structural Properties one can define, additional analysis properties to elements (eg. grouping information, local meshing properties, hinges on walls and slabs…).

  • animator_small SOFiSTiK Visualization and the command Show Results allow an immediate review of the generated Finite Element Model and its results.

A number of auxiliary commands are also provided. In particular, it is possible to generate so-called “Subsystems” based on Revit views (“Subsystem Views”) for a detailed analysis of partial models.

SOFiSTiK Analysis + Design provides access to ssd_small SOFiSTiK Structural Desktop (SSD), where the full range of SOFiSTiK functionalities is available: further analyses, enveloping as well as designs according to various standards and codes.

Getting Started#

Visit the Getting Started section to for a quick start with SOFiSTiK Analysis + Design.

Command Reference#

The section Command Reference of this documentation provides a detailed description of each command of SOFiSTiK Analysis + Design.


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