Project Settings#

Provides access to the project and user settings of SOFiSTiK Analysis + Design. Manages all SOFiSTiK data which is saved in the Revit file.




Provides possibility to add a user defined title that will be included in all reports.

The working directory can be specified. The default working directory is the <Revit Project Path>. All SOFiSTiK related files will be saved in a subfolder xyz.sofistik, with xyz standing for the name of the Revit file. When the Revit filename changes, a new subfolder will be created.


In this group the user can set which Revit coordinate system should be used as global coordinate system for the Finite Element models.

  • Project: uses Revit’s Project Base Point and Coordinate System

  • Shared: uses Revit’s Survey Point and Coordinate System

  • Internal: uses Revit’s Internal Origin and Coordinate System

Design Code#

Here the design code used for the analysis is displayed.


For the full range of design codes supported in ssd_small SOFiSTiK Structural Desktop (SSD), click Other codes and advanced settings. The SOFiSTiK System Information dialog will open.


The unit sets configured within the System Information dialog only control unit settings in SOFiSTiK programs. They do not apply to the unit settings in Revit.

Materials, Cross Sections, Actions and Prestressing Systems#

Displays all SOFiSTiK Materials, Cross Sections, Actions and Prestressing Systems defined in the project.

The user can visualise, rename, adjust and delete items. It is also possible to create new items or import them from the database (*.cdb file) of other SOFiSTiK projects.

See also

This SOFiSTiK data is created during the mapping and export of the main system. Restrictions to what can be adjusted may apply. To learn more, see Mapping.

Result Content for SOFiSTiK Reports#

Settings for the output of the Column Design, Beam Design and Slab Design commands. Here, templates for the different types of reports can be defined, edited and deleted. A template determines which information will be displayed in the design report (type of results, quantity of information etc.).

Project Parameters#

All SOFiSTiK data is accessible through our interface, e.g. through the SOFiSTiK Structural Property panel. Additionally, Revit Shared Parameters can be activated for the following properties, providing access to these properties’ values with standard Revit and Dynamo functionalities.



Number of the corresponding SOFiSTiK structural element.

Primary Group

Number of the SOFiSTiK group of the selected element.

Element Name

Names the selected element for SOFiSTiK.

SOFiSTiK Use Indicator

Indicates which Revit levels should be exported as SOFiSTiK Storey Levels. To export these properties, click SOFiSTiK Analysis Tab ‣ Analysis ‣ Start and in the Geometry tab activate the option Export Storey Levels.


Available only for analytical panels. Indicates if the analytical panel is considered as an attribute area by SOFiSTiK Analysis + Design

Load Distribution Area

Available only for area loads. Generates a load distribution area with the same geometry as the selected surface load. For example, a beam system can thus be loaded with an area load.


The selected area load must be rectangular for SOFiSTiK_LoadDistributionArea to work.

Use Excentricity

Cross sections of analytical members can be transferred to the structural calculation as a centric beam/column or as an eccentric beam/column. Similarly, the thinkness of analytical panels can be defined as centric or eccentric. For centric elements, the checkbox is activated while it is deactivated for eccentric elements

Effective Width of T-beams

Parameter available only for beams, it controls the effective width of a T-beam cross section. The cross section assignment automatically assigns a SOFiSTiK T-beam cross section with the defined effective width.

Mesh Density

With this instance parameter, the density of Finite Element mesh can be controlled.

Column Design Parameters
SOFiSTiK_DesignMomentMy, …

In these instance parameters, dimensioning values from the design of the column are saved.

Soil Profile

Saves the number of the CDB’s SOFiSTiK soil profile.


The following project parameters are discontinued and have been removed during an upgrade:

  • Subsystem View parameters SOFiSTiK_SubsystemName, SOFiSTiK_SubsystemPath and SOFiSTiK_UseForLoadTakeDown

  • Design Element for Walls SOFiSTiK_CreateDesignElementForResultants

  • Obsolete parameter for marking Revit levels SOFiSTiK_Level

See also

Shared Parameters, as well as other Family Parameters can be accessed via Revit Schedules or in Filters. See Schedule for more information.

Purge SOFiSTiK Data#

Purge the Revit file from SOFiSTiK information (Especially, the user can reset the design code here).


Purging data in a project cannot be undone! You need to save the project after purge!