Getting Started#


The following configuration should be installed:

  • Autodesk Revit 2024

  • SOFiSTiK Analysis + Design for Revit 2024

  • SOFiSTiK FEA 2024

If SOFiSTiK FEA 2024 is not installed, performing analysis and design tasks directly integrated in Revit is possible but you cannot access ssd_small SOFiSTiK Structural Desktop (SSD).


SOFiSTiK Analysis + Design is licensed with a valid SOFiSTiK FEM-Package. The features available adapt accordingly.


For assistance about licensing, please contact our support_assistant_small SOFiSTiK Technical Support or Sales Team.

For more general information about licensing in SOFiSTiK, see our Administration Manual 2024

General Workflow#

The platform Autodesk Revit 2024 is started via the Program Manager or from the link on the desktop. There, the analytical model of a building is created including its loads and boundary conditions using Revit native commands.

  • In the ribbon SOFiSTiK Analysis ‣ Project Settings define a design code for the project.

  • Enrich the analytical model using the SOFiSTiK Structural Properties panel and the Utilities commands.

  • Check the three Mapping dialogues.

  • Conduct a complete verification of the entire model with the Check.

  • Run the command Start to generate and analyse the FE system and its loads.

Now the SSD button provides access to ssd_small SOFiSTiK Structural Desktop (SSD) where further analysis and design tasks can be performed.


Additionally and/or alternatively, you can conduct integrated analysis, design and results evaluation directly within the Revit environment.

Getting Started Tutorial#

Get started with SOFiSTiK Analysis + Design by following the tutorial Reinforced Concrete Building in Revit available in the documentation SOFiSTiK (FEA) Tutorials 2024.

Further General information#