SOFiSTiK Tutorials Manual#

Welcome! This is the documentation for SOFiSTiK Tutorials, last updated 11 Jun 2024.

About SOFiSTiK#

SOFiSTiK is Europe’s leading manufacturer of construction software for analysis, design, and detailing. Over 2,000 customers worldwide use the company’s solutions to build large and complex infrastructure and buildings or implement special projects. These include the Bosporus Bridge in Istanbul and the new Leverkusen Bridge spanning the Rhine. Visit our Website to know more about us.

About this Manual#

The primary objective of this manual is to explain the general workflow for different standard projects such as bridge design, building design, steel design, geotechnics, dynamics and fire design. Through the various tutorials deal with a wide range of interesting practical applications, all tutorials are intended to help new users become familiar with the recommended SOFiSTiK workflows.

Users are expected to understand the problem description and should be able to work in a windows environment. Please note that minor differences in results may be found, depending on hardware and software configuration.

The tasks covered by SOFiSTiK, address a broad scope of engineering applications and it is therefore not possible to validate all specific features with known reference solutions in terms of this tutorial manual.


All our Tutorials will be upgraded step by step for the new major release 2024.

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To track the changes of the tutorial manual, please read the changelogs.


Scope of Work#

Inside our tutorials we will explain the general workflow for different design projects, based on SSD and SOFiPLUS. Following the step by step explanation the user will be able to transfer this workflow to his own projects. A basic knowledge of the SOFiSTiK SSD and SOFiPLUS workflow is a prerequisite to understand the tutorials. We recommend to watch our online introduction SSD-SOFiPLUS videos you can find on our website.

The described workflow and project set up may be used as a template for further user projects. For every tutorial we provide the project data *.sofistik and *.dwg. This enables the user to study the input files for further understanding.


For more detailed learning of our product, please contact our SOFiSTiK Academy Team. You will find more information about our training program on our website.

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For result verification please read our VERiFiCATiON Manual. This manual can be found from SSD or TEDDY menu “Help > SOFiSTiK Verification Manual”. There you will find mechanical and design benchmark examples including reference solutions and hand calculations.

Or check the online version Verification Benchmarks 2024.

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In case you don’t find a tutorial here, see also our tutorials related to program version 2023.