Reinforcement Layers#

The Reinforcement Layers tool determines reinforcement layers in area elements (floors, walls, foundation slabs). Its operation uses the user given names in the Layers Definitions and writes them into the parameter SOFiSTiK_Layer.

  1. Select one or more reinforcement elements.

    If you do not select reinforcement elements, the Reinforcement Layers tool will treat all reinforcement in the project.

  2. Click Reinforcement tab > Mark panel > icon_ReinforcementLayers (Layers).

    If rebar sets are detected which are already set to a layer, the Reinforcement Layers dialog displays.

  3. Decide for each reinforcement element whether it should be treated or not.

  4. The SOFiSTiK: Layers Dialog shows you which layers have been assigned.



You can use the SOFiSTiK_Layer parameter to define view filter to see for example only the upper reinforcement of a floor.

Layer Definitions#

In the Layer Definitions you can set or edit the layer names for rebar sets and fabrics in area elements (floors, walls, foundation slabs). The given names will be used by the Layers tool.

  1. Click Reinforcement tab > Mark panel drop-down > icon_LayerDefinitions (Layer Definitions).

    The Layers tab in the Settings dialog displays.