fea_viewer_large Viewer (Labs)#

The Viewer (Labs) is a preview version of our upcoming system visualization technology. While it is not feature ready, it provides better performance, screenshot and video capabilities.


This program is in development. We provide an (optional) tech preview without guarantees. You have the chance to try it out and provide feedback.


A major defining element in the Viewer are views. Common visualization settings are stored per view. This includes settings like planar or volume rendering, whether to display results of a certain loadcase, animation settings and more.

The Viewer provides an unlimited list of views in the Project Explorer. You can create, modify, copy and delete views as you like.

The Loadcase Loop View is a special kind of view. It allows to create animations by rendering the deformed system state while iterating over load cases.


The Viewer can create images of scenes and save them as PNG files.


PNG (lossless)


Up to 8K

Render to Video (MP4)#

The Viewer can render animated scenes to video files.




Up to 4K


Up to 100 Mbps (depends on system capabilities)


H.264, High Profile, Progressive scan (no interlacing)

Frame rate

30 (fixed)


The Viewer can be run on powerful local GPUs, low powered mobile GPUs as well as over RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) connections. It automatically chooses between available APIs (OpenGL, Direct3D 9 or Direct3D 11). If no GPU is available Microsoft’s software renderer can be used (Direct3D WARP).

A read-only web version is available. (Requires WebGL2 support in the browser.)

Batch Mode#

The Viewer’s renderer can be run in batch mode.