Report Browser and command shell#

For special cases the user may start the program from a command shell by using the following command lines:

ursula [/options] [filename]

Instead of using [filename], it is possible to use + or ++. Therewith the last, respectively the next to last file will be loaded. Additionally, the input abc*.plb, allows to start the File-Open dialog with a predefined search mask active.

General options available#




Forces a text view.


Forces a graphical-view.


Forces an automatic refresh (without additional demand), if the PLB has changed.


Generates a text file.


Joins multiple PLBs into one final file. Example:

ursula name.plb -plbs:name1.plb;name2.plb

Generates from name.plb, name1.plb and name2.plb an overall PLB.


A possibility to work with large files. First the modules for generating the module tree are loaded.


Report Browser will close. Example:

ursula -close


Path to the SOFiSTiK-EXE files (sets the environment variable SOFiSTiK=…)

Options dedicated to printing#




File will be printed directly.


File will be printed directly on the selected printer. The instruction “PDF”, defined as a printer name will generate a PDF file, name.pdf.


All pages are printed. Alternatively only one page or specific range of pages can be printed as well. Example:

ursula name.plb -print -page:3-5


All pictures are printed. Alternatively only one picture or specific range of pictures can be printed as well. Example:

ursula name.plb -print -picture:3-5


Sets the page size for the printer (possible is: A4, A3, A2, A1 or A0).

Keyboard shortcuts#


Short description

Ctrl + F


Ctrl + L

Search further

Ctrl + A

Select all

Ctrl + C

Copy the marked text/graphics into clipboard

Ctrl + E

Copy the marked text in Excel format into clipboard

Ctrl + G

Go to page

Ctrl + O

Open file

Ctrl + S

Save file

Ctrl + P


Ctrl + N

Insert a blank line

Ctrl + Y

Remove a line