Job History#

In an analysis with many individual programs it can become of importance to make a reconstruction for the time-history of a problem. Therefore the program execute_wps_small ‘’Calculation’’ adds some auxiliary information to the generated input files. The information is controlled by an environment variable



  • n=0 no information

  • n=1 filename and date (only in data echo)

  • n=2 like 1, including job number (only in data echo)

  • n=3 like 2, yet in an additionally generated header

The default is 2. The job number consists of an 8-letter description of the computer and a varying number, which is stored in a PSJOBNR file. In a multiuser environment PSJOBNR should be put in the current directory, if access conflicts have occurred.

Examples for PSJOBINFO:

$ Datafile: D:\STATIC\P00\DAT0.DAT (.#01) 14:48:48 25/05/95
HEAD ...

$ Datafile: D:\STATIC\P00\DAT0.DAT (.#01) 25/05/95
$ Jobnumber: PC-Nr:17/8700063 14:48:48
HEAD ...

The file PSJOBNR is needed for cases with PSJOBINFO=2 or higher. The first 8 columns contain any desired text. They are not printed, if they are blank. If program execute_wps_small ‘’Calculation’’ does not find a PSJOBNR file, it will create one in the local directory.