Task Description#

The interactive resultviewer_small Result Viewer (with a GUI) and the corresponding module RESULTS (batch) are post-processing tools of SOFiSTiK FEA. The program allows the graphical, tabular and diagram-representation of information and results saved in the database. The data is roughly structured/grouped as follows:

  • mesh_lines_small System

    • Material properties

    • Cross-sections and cross-sectional values

    • Groups

    • Loadcase information

    • Structural elements

    • Nodes

    • Finite elements (BEAM, QUAD, BRIC..)

  • results_small Results

    • Stresses on cross-sections

    • Group results

    • Loadcase results (e.g. Sum of support forces)

    • Nodal results (displacements, rotations..)

    • Element results

  • design_results_small Design

    • Element results (utilization, stresses, required reinforcement..)

The representation depends on the type of result and can be selected as:

  • graphic_small Graphical representation (Text, Vector..)

  • table_small Table

  • diagram_small Diagram

The resulting document (document tree) consists of:

  • new_file_small Page

    • graphic_small Graphic

      • layer_small Graphics layer 1

      • layer_small Graphics layer 2

    • table_small Table (Lists)

      • results_small Results layer 1

      • results_small Results layer 2

      • results_small Results layer 3

    • diagram_small Diagram

      • results_small Results layer 1

      • results_small Results layer 2


With version 2014 RESULT Viewer resp. RESULTS do replace the modules AQUP and DBView for cross-sectional and tabular post-processing. For the graphical result representation wingraf_small GRAPHIC (previous name WinGRAF) is used.