Further features#

Zoom handling#

Besides the usual zoom functions, a slider is available, and so a fast and continuous zooming in the current window is possible. With Ctrl + Ctrl (mouse wheel) a systematic-all zoom in or out is possible and with Ctrl + mouse drag, a specific zoom window can be opened.

HOME ribbon zoom_page_width_large ‘’Page width’’ zoom to see the full page width.

HOME ribbon zoom_page_height_large ‘’Page width’’ zoom to see the full page height.

Options of selection#

By Report Browser following selection options are supported

  • Line Block

  • Column Block

  • Table columns

  • Individual words

With HOME copy_large ‘’Copy’’, the selected area can be saved in the clipboard.

A save in Excel format also is possible HOME copy_clipboard_excel_large ‘’Copy to Excel’’, and in Excel Edit Insert Contents.

Holding the mouse in the margin allows to select complete lines in the printout. Holding the mouse directly in the printout allows to select content column-wise. Alternatively, the right-click context menu right_mouse_button_small Select Column also provides access to the column-wise selection mode.