Activation of Report Browser#

After an analysis the printout (with the extension .PLB) can be opened via the report_browser_small ‘’REPORT Browser’’ icon.

Selecting the volume of the printout#

The output volume can be configured by the user to his requirements. With the light_bulb_on_small or light_bulb_off_small icon in the Report Browser - tree, the printout of the modules is activated (light_bulb_on_small) or deactivated (light_bulb_off_small).

With the book icons book_opened_small or book_closed_small you can switch on (book_opened_small) and off (book_closed_small) the sections.

Insert table of contents#

Table of contents can be generated automatically with HOME ribbon checkbox_checked_small ‘’Table of Contents’’. For the module headings in the table of contents, the module text from the Report Browser tree is inserted, or the module name if no text is defined. Disabled sections are not included. Furthermore, the page number of the printout is added.

User adjustments to the printout are saved in an external file with extension .PLB.CFG and are normally available even after a recalculation.