Supported Elements and Mapping#

The following table provides an overview of Revit elements supported by SOFiSTiK Analysis + Design:

Revit Elements





SOFiSTiK Analysis + Design automatically maps Revit Materials assigned in property Structural Material of analytical members and panels. These Revit materials are assigned to SOFiSTiK materials, based on the physical properties of the material in Revit.



SOFiSTiK Analysis + Design automatically identifies the geometry of Family Types assigned in the property Section Type of analytical members.
Varying sections are supported if the start and end sections have the same number of edges.

Load Natures

SOFiSTiK Analysis + Design maps Revit Load Natures to SOFiSTiK Actions bases on the load nature title.

Grid Lines

Straight and curved grid lines are exported to SOFiSTiK for visualization in Graphic (accessed with the command Graphical Output).

Storey Levels

Level information can be transferred to SOFiSTiK if identified with the parameter SOFiSTiK_Level.

Analytical Links

Analytical Members

Analytical members assigned a family under Section Type are supported. They are categorized either as beams or as columns depending on their Structural Role.
Since version 2023 Service Pack 1, analytical members which Section Type is <none> are supported too. They allow to model attribute lines.

Analytical Nodes

Analytical nodes having a Revit node number and visible in the active view will generate a SOFiSTiK Structural Point in the Finite Element model

Analytical Openings

Analytical Panels

Straight and curved panels are supported. They are categorized either as floors or as walls depending on their Structural Role.

Boundary Conditions

Elastic and rigid support conditions are supported in global as well as local coordinates.

Structural Loads

Hosted and non-hosted point, line and area loads are supported. Structural Loads and Structural Internal Loads are equivalent.

Generic Models


Specific generic models families are delivered with SOFiSTiK Analysis + Design to model Design Elements (Building Cores, Wall Strips, Slab Strips). Other generic model instances are ignored.

Model Lines


Model Lines with specific types are generated to model Result Cut Lines, Tendon Projections and Tendon Stations. Other model line instances are ignored.