Show Results#

Allows to visualize analysis and design results within Revit.


Results can be displayed via

  • SOFiSTiK Analysis Tab ‣ Results ‣ Show in the current view or

  • SOFiSTiK Analysis Tab ‣ Results ‣ Show in a New View

A new Revit view will be created. Name, data source for the results, display pattern and a view template can be defined upon creation and changed later.

Result View#

The SOFiSTiK Structural Properties panel gives you access to the Result View, where analysis and design results are available for visualization. Please select the desired Result scope at the top of the panel and choose from the available Data source and Load case resp. Design Case to navigate to the desired results.


It is possible to choose between a SOFiSTiK database (.cdb) or a static results package using Save as Package.

Internal Forces#

Results for linear load cases and globally defined load combinations (if selected for analysis) are available. Cutline results are transformed according to the orientation of the cutlines.


Please be advised that automatically defined load combinations are not available for visualization.


The availability of design cases for results is depending on the design groups present in the project (see table below).

Design Case


Available for

1: ULS Design

required reinforcement for ULS design only

Columns, Beams, Slabs

2: ULS + SLS Design
required reinforcement for ULS + SLS design
(envelop of both design cases)


3: ULS Design
(max. by group)
required reinforcement for ULS design only
(maximum by design group)


Settings for Show Results#

Display Pattern#

Choose from any of the predefined display pattern to show the results you are looking for. If your ideal display does not exist yet, create it by clicking Save as…. The display pattern is also a quick way to switch between internal forces and reinforcement results or to reset your selection.

Configuration of Result Visualization#

Each Result Type is linked to an Analysis Display Style by Revit. A wide range of templates for the individual result types is provided by SOFiSTiK. To configurate the result visualization, please click at the end of the respective line and then Analysis Display Style.

Results Package#

Save the current results display into Revit results packages. It is possible to change the extent of the selection in the dialog before saving it.

See also

To save analysis and design results into the Revit project and share with collaborators without SOFiSTiK capabilities, please refer to Save as Package.