Save as Package#

Saves analysis and design results from a related SOFiSTiK database (.cdb) into the Revit project by creating Revit results packages.

The interface allows to select the data source, as well as the load or design cases and the components, for which results are imported. Generate a name suggestion, based on the results selection, with the update button, or use a custom name.

Display results stored in Revit results packages either with Show Results or the Revit Results Explorer via Analyze ‣ Structural Analysis ‣ Results Explorer.


Access the dialog from either SOFiSTiK Analysis ‣ Interfaces ‣ Save as Package or via the SOFiSTiK Structural Properties panel of a Result View.

By default, the full range of load or design cases and all components are selected by accessing it from the ribbon. In contrast, only one load or design case for the displayed results and the corresponding components are selected through the panel. In both cases, the selection can be adapted to the users’ needs.


Result packages imported into the Revit model can be found and managed through the Revit Results Manager via Analyze ‣ Structural Analysis ‣ Results Manager


Results can only be imported from a SOFiSTiK database originally created using SOFiSTiK Analysis + Design.

Further results from a calculation in SSD may be supported, if they can be mapped to existing Revit Elements.