Lines > Result Cut Line#

Allows you to draw Model Lines with Style SOF_ResultCutLine in Revit. These lines are interpreted as Cuts by the SOFiSTiK program Graphic.


The following steps enable you to create a Result Cut Line:

  • Click SOFiSTiK Analysis Tab ‣ Utilities ‣ Loads ‣ Result Cut Lines

  • The ribbon Modify | Place Lines is started with the preset Line Style SOF_ResultCutLine

  • Adjust the Placement Plane of the line


A Placement Plane must be selected in order for Show Results to visualize results along cut lines.


Cut lines will be interpreted as vertical cut planes and results will be available for horizontal analytical panels, typically representing slabs.


When analyzing a Revit View where a Result Cut Line is visible, a Cut Line with the corresponding properties will be automatically generated in SOFiSTiK and visible in wingraf_small SOFiSTiK Graphic. Results will be available in all levels.

  • Draw one or several lines

  • If wanted, select the Cut lines and adjust their Group number and Name in the SOFiSTiK Structural Properties panel


Result Cut Lines are standard Revit Model Lines with a specific type. Use Revit functions to easily move, copy, adjust etc Result Cut Lines in your model.