Installation of Dynamo Package SOFiSTiK Analysis + Design#

SOFiSTiK Dynamo package SOFiSTiK Analysis + Design will be installed automatically as soon as the product SOFiSTiK Analysis + Design for Revit is installed with the SOFiSTiK Application Manager.

It will check and update the DynamoSettings.xml for the entry CustomPackageFolders (see screenshot) for the current SOFiSTiK installation path.


The DynamoSettings.xml can be found in %APPDATA%/Dynamo/Dynamo Revit/2.x/.


  • Make sure that there is no old installation from the Dynamo Package Manager in the folder %APPDATA%/Dynamo/Dynamo Revit/2.x/packages/. If there is an older SOFiSTiK package installation, then remove the folder.

  • Troubleshoot Dynamo Package installation