Loads > Load Combinations#

Provides help defining Revit Load Combinations.


Revit load combinations are available throughout all analysis and design task. They can be defined using Revit-native functionalities under Analyze Tab ‣ Analytical Model ‣ Load Combinations or with the SOFiSTiK Load Combinations command.


The dialog gives an overview of all globally defined load combinations available in the current project, both created with Revit and SOFiSTiK functionalities. It allows to create new and edit or duplicate existing load combinations.


Load combinations can be created or edited via drag and drop of the available load cases. Load cases of the same load nature can be grouped together. The safety and combination factors can be edited by clicking on them.


Load combinations created with SOFiSTiK Load Combinations will be hidden in the Revit Load Combinations dialog by default. They can be found by clicking Show third-party generated load combinations.