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This function is only available if SOFiSTiK FEA 2023 is installed.

Allows you to draw Model Lines with Style SOF_TendonDuctStation in Revit. With these lines, you can define stations (i.e. constraint points) for the duct geometry of tendons.


The following steps enable you to create a Tendon Station:

  1. Click on Create Tendon Station

  2. The ribbon Place Lines is started with the preset Line Style SOF_TendonDuctStation

  3. If necessary, adjust the Placement Plane of the line

  4. Draw one or several lines

Each time a Tendon Projection line crosses a Tendon Station line, a station is created. You can check and adjust how each tendon behaves for each station by selecting the Tendon Projection and clicking on Edit... for it’s SOFiSTiK Structural Property Stations.


Tendon Stations are standard Revit Model Lines with a specific type. Use Revit functions to easily move, copy, adjust etc Tendon Stations in your model.


For Tendon Projections with layouts set as Automatic, Stations can only be activated/deactivated. More settings are available for Tendon Projections with layouts set as User Defined.

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