In case the Dynamo package was not found, please follow the recommended instructions below:

If you not have already installed the SOFiSTiK Analysis + Design for Revit 2023, then follow the instruction according to the Administration Manual 2023. Once successfully installed, you will find the newest dynamo package in the app installation folder:

[Drive:]\ProgramData\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\SOFiSTiK Analysis and Design_|RevitVersion|.bundle\Contents\dynamo


dynamo Dynamo Settings

Dynamo is available in Revit on the Manage tab. When Dynamo is open, then click the Dynamo tab. Then click Preferences and in the dialogue Manage Node and Package Paths…. In the dialog Manage Node and Package Paths… you can add new source folders for further Dynamo packages. It shows the added file path for SOFiSTiK Analysis + Design.


The package belonging to SOFiSTiK Analysis + Design appears under the section Add-ons in Dynamo as shown in the figure below:



Please make sure that there is no old installation from the Dynamo Package Manager in the folder %APPDATA%/Dynamo/Dynamo Revit/2.x/packages/. If there is an older SOFiSTiK package installation, then remove the folder.