Online Documentation#

Please follow the link to the main page of this documentation for general information or go directly to the Command Reference page.


You can also open the online help for a specific SOFiSTiK command by

  • pressing F1 while the mouse cursor is on the icon in the SOFiSTiK Analysis tab and the tooltip is visible

  • clicking Help or Online Documentation within a SOFiSTiK dialog

Release Notes#

Information about changes to the software (released as service packs and hotfixes) are documented in the Release Notes

Support Assistant#

Graphical user interface to initiate or continue a support ticket with the support_assistant_small SOFiSTiK Technical Support. Please mind the current Support Service Notes with additional information about the scope of service, available in the FAQ after the link.

License Manager#

Opens the SOFiSTiK License Manager to add or update existing SOFiSTiK licenses with CodeMeter.


Provides information about the installed version of SOFiSTiK Analysis + Design.