Loads > Filter Loads#

With Filter loads, the user can check and have a better overview of all loads defined in the model.

  1. Open the revit view where you want to check loads

  2. In SOFiSTiK Analysis Tab ‣ Utilities ‣ Loads ‣ Filter Loads

  3. The Filter Load Cases dialog opens. It lists all the load cases visible in the view

  4. Select one load case from the list to see only loads belonging to this load case

  5. Use CRTL or SHIFT key to select several load cases and display the corresponding loads

  6. Click on Close to go back to the original Revit view or on Keep View to keep the current load display settings


Keep view creates a Revit filter on the loads to obtain the required load display settings. The user can go to Visibility/Graphics Overrides > Filters to see, copy, adjust or delete this filter.