Working with the Cross Section Editor#

The cross section editor is used to define cross sections of any shape and material. The cross sections are then available for the definition of beams in a structural system or they can be calculated directly with AQB.

General knowledge about the use of cross sections in the context of SOFiSTiK is useful. The manuals of the programs AQUA and AQB contain detailed information about this topic.

Working Steps#

In order to create a cross section, please follow these general steps:

  • Activate the tab System in the sidebar.

  • Activate the context menu of the item Cross Sections and make a decision which kind of cross section should be created.


    In the following chapters the kind of the cross section is also called running mode.

    Guidelines for selecting a cross section type can be found in the AQUA manual chapter 2 ‘Theoretical Principles’.

  • The general cross section properties can be modified if necessary.

  • Generation of the cross section geometry and setting of the properties of the individual cross section elements.

  • If the cross section is to be used as a parametric cross section, the necessary constraints and references to variables have to be defined.

  • Calculation and determination of the cross section values.

  • Validation of the results.

  • Save and quit the Cross Section Editor.

Program Concept#

Other Topics#