SOFiPLUS Release Notes#

Service Pack 2023-6 (4 August 2023)#

  • Cross Section Editor: Revision for the default stress points. These did not always have different names.

Service Pack 2023-5 (24 May 2023)#

  • Cross Section Editor: sometimes an endless run could be occurred during sorting the thinwalled elements.

Service Pack 2023-4 (31 March 2023)#

  • Cross Section Editor: the intersection of non effective areas with different material numbers was sometimes wrong.

Service Pack 2023-3 (10 February 2023)#

  • Materials were missing in the AutoCAD properties dialog (208092, 208578).

  • CABD workflow: improved the update of axes and dependent elements after modification.

Service Pack 2023-2 (9 December 2022)#

  • Import from database: Fixed problem when importing axes from type NURBS (205984).

  • Fixed problems with non european file- and pathnames.

  • Fixed problems when splitting a load distrubution area.

  • Utility lines: Fixed possible crash (207773).

Service Pack 2023-1 (7 October 2022)#

  • Improvements for the command Secondary Groups:

    • Export of structural lines without cross section resulted in a warning (204351).

    • It was possible to create entries with an invalid ID (205399).

    • Additional minor improvements when exporting secondary groups.

  • CABD variable: Enabled mixed definition of polygonal and spline definition.


Please check the variables and the created elements carefully.

  • Import from database: When importing, the point size is used and set for accuracy.

  • Loads: In rare cases, the load case number was not entered in the dialog. This lead to a crash.

  • Minor improvements with command Align Elements.

  • Design Elements:

    • Fixed issue in mm systems.

    • The default element division has been changed to intermediate sections.

Service Pack 2023-0.1 (9 September 2022)#

  • CABD variable: Fix jumps in the variable definitions (204260)

Release 2023 (Juli 2022)#

CABD Workflow#

Parametric Dependency

Placements can be defined now with reference to other placements. If the station of the reference placement changes, the dependent placement also moves.

It is also possible to define variables with reference to existing placements. By modifying the station value of a placement, the dependent variable will be automatically adjusted.


Secondary axes can have a variable distance to the bridge axis. The values Y and/or Z are taken from a variable assigned to the main axis.

Structural area edges (see Area Edge Properties) can use a variable, assigned to the main axis, to define the slab thickness.





The updated program Tendon supports prestressing according to the design code AASTHO, which is also implemented in the PT Editor.

The new type AUTO can be given for ducts in a prestressed system allowing a tendon to change between prestressed beam and quad elements.

Wording in the PT Editor is adjusted to the Tendon Manual.

List with removed / replaced options in the PT Editor:


Kind of point

Coupler -> None, Anchor on Prestr. Anchor -> Dead Anchor

According Stresses

Effects of Kappa

NO -> Symmetric and YES, FULL -> Optimized

Free Prestressing

Max. remaining prestress factor at the end of the slip



Please check the tendons after opening the drawing.


Structural Elements#

Design Element

A new element is available to support the program DECREATOR.


The first implementation of the Design Element in SOFiPLUS is limited to a generic element between two points or along an axis.


Secondary Groups

Working with tags has been replaced with secondary groups.

In contrast to the analysis programs, all elements in SOFiPLUS can have several secondary groups. So secondary groups can be used for the visualisation and working with the filter.

There are two commands to work with secondary groups.


Command Manage Secondary Groups to define the secondary groups


Command Assign Secondary Groups to control, add and remove secondary groups from elements


Secondary groups can also be controlled with the AutoCAD properties dialog or the filter.

During mesh generation a reduced number of elements namely structural areas, lines and design elements are written into the database with their secondary groups.


Improved Behavior#


Cutlines have an elevation direction. It is indicated by a small arrow in SOFiPLUS(-X) and can be changed with the Align Elements command.

Assign Group and Construction Stages

Elements in the drawing belonging to a marked row in the Assign Group and Construction Stages dialog are highlighted.


Structural points from program Analysis and Design can be imported with their supports.

Fixed importing structural area edges of type NURBS with a given Weight of control point (NURBS).


SOFiPLUS provides a Preview: Scripting API based on Lua.



SOFiPLUS/SOFiPLUS-X 2023 can open DWG files from version 2018. After saving in version 2023, the DWG files cannot be re-opened in the older version!

SOFiPLUS/SOFiPLUS-X 2023 can import projects from version 2023 only.

SOFiPLUS/SOFiPLUS-X may have to convert and/or upgrade data when opening a DWG. Any issues, warnings or errors will be displayed in the Messages tab in the sidebar.