Documentation of SOFiPLUS(-X)#

About SOFiSTiK#

SOFiSTiK is Europe’s leading manufacturer of construction software for analysis, design, and detailing. Over 2,000 customers worldwide use the company’s solutions to build large and complex infrastructure and buildings or implement special projects. These include the Bosporus Bridge in Istanbul and the new Leverkusen Bridge spanning the Rhine. Visit our Website to know more about us.

User’s Guide#

SOFiPLUS(-X) is a program to define structures in AutoCAD for further calculation and design in the SOFiSTiK suite of programs. It directly reads and writes the calculation model from and to the SOFiSTiK database (.cdb).

The product SOFiPLUS is an add-in for AutoCAD allowing the user to take advantage of the full AutoCAD functionality (like labelling, hatching, dimensioning…).

The product SOFiPLUS-X is a standalone application based on a specialized AutoCAD OEM kernel. It has been optimized and streamlined by SOFiSTiK to improve the workflow for typical structural engineering tasks but is slightly reduced in functionality (e.g. plotting).

An overview how SOFiSTiK products are compatible with Autodesk products can be found in our version matrix (

For an overview of the functionality of the SOFiSTiK software please refer to the SOFiSTiK manual.


Further help and support can be found at the following sources:


Customer support can be contacted at or by clicking on the Support Assistant button.

Release Notes and News#

Changes to the software (released as service packs and hotfixes) are documented in the documentation. Use the button Release Notes in the SOFiSTiK Application Manager (SAM).


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