Reference Point Input#

Each input point that is required for a program command (e.g. start or end point) can be defined at any arbitrary reference point. While the command is active, you can specify a reference point with a click of the mouse to place an object. This reference point is shown as a white cross. Input in this manner is further facilitated by the AutoCAD Object Snap (F3) and Tracking (F11).

Example: A line is drawn from a start point to a distance of 3 metres in the X-direction.

  • Point the mouse to the start point (Object Snap (F3) should be turned on) and click.

  • Move the crosshairs in the X-direction and enter the value 3 on the keyboard.


Properties for Object Snap, Tracking, Ortho Mode etc. can be modified in the Status Bar.

Furthermore, it is possible to enter objects relative to a reference point with an object snap.

Example: A structural point is entered at a distance of 2 metres in the X-direction from an end point.

  • Select the command Structural Point

  • Choose object snap from

  • If you want to offset from a location of an existing object, specify an object snap, and select the object snap point.

  • Enter a relative coordinate such as @2,0.

  • Or move the mouse in the X-direction, enter the value 2 on the keyboard and confirm with the Enter key

These input possibilities are available only in the current coordinate system. When you wish to specify a route that is not in the X- or Y- direction, but at an angle to it, you can enter a polar angle.