Free Line Load#

../../_images/freelineload.png Create Free Line Loads




Creates free loads not explicitly associated with any element.



../../_images/freelineload_m.png Modify Free Line Loads




Modifies loads not explicitly associated with any element.



Creates or modifies a line load which is not associated with any element and can therefore be placed freely at any location.

A uniformly distributed load or variable (trapezoidal) load can be entered.

A detailed description of these properties can be found in the chapter ‘LINE,CURV – Free Line Loading’ of the manual SOFiLOAD.

Available options:#

For creation of a free line load, the following options are available for use:

Start and End Point

The end points of a line load can be selected from the drawing. This approach is useful when entering additional line loads.

Select Objects

Creates a linear element from lines, arcs, polylines and splines. To choose the objects the AutoCAD / SOFiPLUS-X selection methods are available. If a structural area is selected, the elements will be created along the boundary.

Segment on geometric axis

Creates elements with reference to an axis. For this option the following input possibilities are available:

Between all placements: The elements are created from the first placement of the axis up to the last.

Use the segment closest to the picked point: One element is created between the two placements nearest to the picked point on the axis.

The grip points of elements bound to an axis change their type. Instead of the square a small arrowhead can be seen. This arrowhead can be dragged to another placement. This changes the assignment of the element.

Pick Lines or Curves

Creates one element by picking a selection of AutoCAD objects (line, curve, polyline or SPLINE), structural elements or complete geometric axes (without respecting the placements).

Single Element Mode - Polygonal Input

Switches between the polygonal input type and entry of a single element. Single element mode always asks for the start and end point of a new element.

Set Working Plane

Because certain selection options only are available in the current working plane, it is possible to rest the working plane to a user defined position. For this the following options are available:

3Points: The coordinate system is aligned by defining 3 points (origin, X-axis and Y-axis).

Element: The orientation of the coordinate system is set with the selection of an object.

The working plane remains in place until the command to create the element is closed.