Secondary Groups#

../../_images/manage_secondary_group.png Manage Secondary Groups




Create and modify secondary groups.


Structural Elements

../../_images/assign_secondary_group.png Assign Secondary Groups




Assign secondary groups for a selection of elements.


Structural Elements

In addition to their primary group number, elements can be assigned to any number of so-called secondary groups. For structural elements such as lines, design elements and areas, these secondary groups are exported to the SOFiSTiK database during mesh generation.

Within SOFiPLUS(-X) all elements may have secondary groups. Here they are used to manage the visability of the elements.

Definition of secondary groups#

After calling the command Manage Secondary Groups a dialog will open. A table with all existing secondary groups is displayed in the lower part. The upper part of the dialog offers the following options:

  • The plus sign inserts an empty line.

  • The minus sign deletes the marked lines and also removes the secondary groups from the affected elements.

  • If the ID of a secondary group is changed, the secondary group is renamed.

In the case of frequently used values, it can be helpful to adopt the values from a table program.

Assign secondary groups to elements#

Command Manage Secondary Groups

After selecting the desired group, elements can be selected in the drawing. The selection of different element types in one step (e.g. structural line and structural area) is allowed.

The AutoCAD selection options are available for selecting the elements. The elements are always changed completely (with all sub-elements). These are e.g. for the structural line supports as well as bedding.

The new group number is assigned when the object selection is completed with RETURN on the keyboard.

If you want to assign more than one secondary group, you must mark all groups in the dialog before selecting the elements.


Assigning a secondary group using the Manage Secondary Group command deletes previously assigned secondary groups.

It is possible to define empty secondary groups without assigned elements.

Command Assign Secondary Groups

After calling the command Assign Secondary Groups SOFiPLUS(-X) asks the user to select elements. When the selection is closed, a dialog with all defined secondary groups appears on the screen. If secondary groups are already assigned to the selected elements, the corresponding checkboxes on the left side of the dialog will be activated.

The checkboxes have three states:

checked: All selected elements have this secondary group assigned

not checked: No selected elements have this secondary group assigned

partially activated: Some elements have this secondary group assigned, but not all elements


The visibility of the elements can be controlled via the Filter.


Properties Dialog

Use the AutoCAD/SOFiPLUS-X properties palette (command: _PROPERTIES) to control the secondary groups assigned to the element:

  • Select one or more elements.

  • An additional entry Secondary Groups will appear in the Properties palette.

  • Secondary groups that have already been assigned are displayed as text. This information cannot be edited.


Elements with secondary groups can be filtered via the user defined filter:

  • Define a new user-defined filter.

  • In the first section, take the entry Secondary Groups.

  • In the third line all existing groups are shown.