Filters can help to organize objects in a SOFiPLUS(-X) drawing by showing and hiding objects depending on conditions applied to their properties.

Built-In Filters#

SOFiPLUS(-X) provides pre-defined filters which can be applied to the structure (element type and group), loads (load element type and load case number) and construction stages.

Individual entries can be selected in the list box. A context menu is also available. In this way, all elements can be activated or deactivated in one step. In the list selection on the right, the entries can be selected with the keyboard input ‘Shift’ and ‘Ctrl’.

For the structure and load filters a defined selection of elements is displayed. With the construction stages filter the structure is displayed at a defined time step.

User-Defined Filters#

User-defined filters can be used to create custom combinations of conditions on element types and properties. The list of available properties contains most of the element properties which are available in the regular AutoCAD/SOFiPLUS-X properties palette (command: _PROPERTIES) as well as a few useful properties especially designed to be used with the filters.

User-Defined filters are stored in the drawing.


The commands _ISOLATE and _LAYER interact with the filters, i.e. any elements hidden by those commands will stay hidden even if a filter would actually select them to be displayed.