Construction Stages of Cross Section Parts#

Often, e.g. in bridge construction, it is necessary to defines construction stages. The construction stage are created in the dialog of the section properties in the tab Stages (see General Properties of Cross Sections)

In the input for the individual cross section parts, the numbers of the construction stages are used at ‘Start’ and if necessary at ‘End’:

  • ‘Start’ is the construction stage where the cross section part occurs first.

  • ‘End’ is the last construction stage where the cross section part is still present.

The first available number of a construction stage is preset at ‘Start’.

In the case of the redefinition of the construction stages following workflow is given:

  • The new construction stage numbers have to be defined at the general properties of cross sections in the tab Stages.

  • Then the construction stage information has to be changed in the dialogs of the individual cross section parts (e.g. dialog Boundary).

  • At last the old and not anymore used construction stage numbers can be deleted in the tab Stages.


Different material numbers have to be used for cross section parts with different construction stages.