Own / adapted plan stamp#

Of course it is also possible with the construction module to use your own face stamp. We recommend the following working methods:

Adjust SOFiCAD plan stamp#

The SOFiCAD plan stamp is an AutoCAD block with defined attributes and in the name with the prefix plko-.

The scope of delivery of SOFiCAD includes a standard planning stamp “plko-.dwg”. It contains attribute definitions for all relevant data, such as B. Project number, plan number, construction project, date, etc. This data will be used by other program modules later. The attribute definitions may therefore only be changed under certain conditions, since the functioning of other programs is not guaranteed in every case.


The permanently implemented block names (PLKO-) and attribute names (PROJ, BAUH, EBT …) can be configured by the user. This means that if you are already using a different layout stamp with different attribute names, you can use SOFiCAD_USR.INI to make your attribute names readable for SOFiCAD. You can also vary the text formatting of the sheet size attribute in this configuration file.

By default, soficad_USR.ini is in the user’s user directory. However, it can also be in the map directory or in any other search path of the current profile.

Insert plan stamp#

New drawings must be saved directly within the project directory or in a subdirectory. The command “Insert layout stamp” asks for the name of the title block. Since all title block names must begin with “PLKO-”, these five characters are automatically preceded by an entry. If the title block drawing is PLKO-FK.DWG, you only have to enter “FK”. The cross-project attributes such as project number, project name, client, etc. are transferred to the plan stamp. Plan-specific attributes such as scale, sheet size, date and file name are automatically entered. In the dialog window, only the missing additional attributes such as plan name and creator have to be entered.

Message in the text window when saving after a plan stamp has been inserted or values have been changed:

Project file F: Workshops project directory 2007.MDB updated

Finally, the plan stamp is inserted in the lower right corner of the drawing on the T__KOPF layer. The block contains a frame on the layer TH_ around the title block. It can be used to determine which space is occupied by the title block even when the T__KOPF layer is switched off.

The project number (order number) is always checked for correctness. The plan number is also checked. A maximum of one space is possible here, which separates the index from the plan number. The creation of 2 files with the same plan number means that the last one updated is contained in the plan management.

Place the SOFiCAD planning stamp outside the sheet margin#

If you want / have to use a plan stamp that cannot or may not be used after appropriate adjustments, then simply place the SOFiCAD plan stamp outside of the page margin. You can also adapt the standard plan stamp accordingly by moving the insertion point from the bottom right to the bottom left, so it is automatically stored outside the plotted area. The functionality remains completely intact.

Block and attribute names#

The permanently implemented block names (PLKO-) and attribute names (PROJ, BAUH, EBT …) can be configured by the user. You can thus make the plan attribute names already used readable for SOFiCAD using SOFiCAD_USR.INI.

You can also vary the text formatting of the sheet size attribute in this configuration file.

Extended plan stamp#

The “plko-Attrib.dwg” plan stamp contains all the attributes that SOFiCAD can use. If you open this plan stamp, the attribute names are visible.

The attributes SOF_USER1-5 are read by the plan management and KOPF1-KOPF9 are also read from the steel list.

Creation of your own plan stamp#

There is the possibility to modify the given plan stamp according to your own needs. Creating a company-specific plan stamp is always worthwhile. Even for medium-sized construction projects with more than 10 plans, it can make sense to create a project-specific plan stamp. The following points should be noted here:

  • To do this, open the plko-dwg or the extended plko-attrib.dwg. The two drawings are in the SOFiCAD Support user directory.

  • Save the desired one under “Save as” under a different name, for example PLKO-XYZ.DWG. XYZ is the company / project-specific extension. When inserting the title block, enter this extension as the name of the title stamp.

  • Since the plan stamp is inserted on the lower right sheet margin when inserting, the lower right point of the original plan stamp should be marked. The “Base” command (type in the command line) defines the base point for the plan stamp (block).

  • The attributes and texts can be moved, supplemented and modified. The attribute names should exist, otherwise the steel list does not recognize the attributes. If you already have a company-specific plan stamp, you can make the attribute values readable via the SOFiCAD.INI, for example for the steel list.

  • It makes sense to fill in the attribute default values for project-specific title blocks. This means that they are already filled in when you insert the title block.

  • The scale of 1: 1 must also not be changed

  • If the width of the plan stamp is changed, the blue line on layer TH must be adjusted in size.

  • The index block must be traced with red lines lying on the layer TH, including the triangle for the index arrow!

  • When the plan stamp is finished, the order of attributes should still be sorted. Because the most important inquiries come first with the inserted plan stamp.

  • Therefore, call the “battreihenf” command from your keyboard in your new plan stamp. Now only select the attributes in the correct order; then save the plan stamp (plko-?).

Title blocks - sheet set manager - project database#

A title block is an updatable text that can be linked, among other things, to the sheet set manager and the project database. This is necessary when working with plan stamps and attributes in a project. If a project specification changes, all plan stamps can now be updated.

Proceed as follows: * Insert the plan stamp and fill it out. * Save the drawing. This is how a project database (.MDB) is created. * In the context menu, link the plan stamp attributes with the project data. The plan stamp attributes are highlighted in gray. * Copy the layout and rename it. Change the drawing name and re-create the link. * Close the drawing with Save. * Create a new drawing and start the command “Create sheet set from MDB project database”. This SOFiCAD command creates an AutoCAD sheet set .DST from an existing SOFiCAD project database (.MDB). * Select the MDS to be linked and start the “Generate sheet set” command. A .DST is created in the project directory * Open the manager for planning documents. • If necessary, changes can be incorporated in the plan stamp.

All plan stamps of the individual drawings / layouts are thus updated.