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Stellt SOFiCAD-Parameter wie Farben Texthöhen usw. ein.


SOFiCAD > Einstellungen > BDD/INI/LDF

Stellt SOFiCAD-Parameter wie Farben Texthöhen usw. ein.

Defines drawing-dependent settings in an additional tab in the AutoCAD options

The SOFiCAD options can be opened directly via the icon or via the AutoCAD command “Options”.

The “SOFiCAD” tab has been added to the AutoCAD options. The settings made are drawing-dependent, so company-specific settings can be adjusted once and saved in a template drawing.

The cutting line and the detail circle use the setting of pin 4 for the headings, the cutting line is created with pin setting 5.

If the “Use labeling” option is activated, scale-dependent elements are automatically scaled for the respective scale when they are created.

If the processing of a plan is started directly without using SOFiCAD templates, the scale that is entered in the options for SOFiCAD is used.

In the lower area of the dialog box you define the layer definition file used.

The option “secondary scales via viewport” regulates whether secondary scales in the layout area are realized via viewports or, as with earlier SOFiCAD versions, via secondary scale areas in the model area.


We recommend working with layouts, so the tick should remain activated!

If the “Rounding mode incremental dimension” setting is deactivated, the actual determined values are dimensioned. If it is active, the individual dimensions can be rounded up or down so that the total dimension corresponds to the sum.

The extension “Save proxy information” was built in for data reduction. This setting must be deactivated so that the plan is reduced when saving.


If the data exchange takes place with a pure Auto-CAD user, the option must be activated!