What’s new in SOFiCAD 2023#

Service Pack 2023-10#

  • Some improvements in Steelworks module.

  • Fixed an issue that imposed to run an “_AUDIT” after producing the DOCX Schedule, to be able to edit some AutoCAD elements like poly lines.

  • Fixed some issues that causes crashes while copying via clipboard from older drawings or upgrading them.

  • SOFiCAD can produce now in mode “One Doc per Member” an ABS file for each member.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the update of label for bars in section laying.

  • Analog to table called bending_schedule it is possible to show the hooks for bent fabric reinforcement in the table called fabric_schedule.

Service Pack 2023-9#

  • General improvements in Steelworks.

  • SOFiCAD-AEC: won’t promt anymore the user while saving about missing MDB file.

  • Improvement in formating the tables for reinforcement fabric cut list.

  • Fixed and issue that lead to not writing the project and sheet parameters in docx schedule after a section break in the template file.

  • Fixed an issue that lead to a crash related to invalid layer.

Service Pack 2023-7#

  • Arc Segments for non standard shapes according to Eurocode are now correct written in the DOCX schedule.

  • Issue that lead to a crash in steelworks module fixed.

Service Pack 2023-6#

  • DOCX Reinforcement Schedule - Fixed problem with variable non-standard shapes when parameter “Number” is hidden in the info/edit dialog of the laying.

  • DOCX Reinforcement Schedule - Fixed issue with displaying segment lengths for variable shapes when placed in a secondary scale area.

  • Language improvements for French users in the user interface.

Service Pack 2023-5#

  • New configuration file for FR users is added. (nf.ini)

  • Issue related to varying marks with shape code 26 from EN ISO fixed.

  • Issue related to counting the varrying marks when single tagged with 0 pieces was fixed.

  • Issue related to counting the fabric reinforcement in schedule from large fabric areas and more members fixed.

Service Pack 2023-4#

  • Fixed pointer annotation.

  • Fixed an issue related to spiral shaped reinforcement when copied.

  • Fixed SOFiMACH command.

Service Pack 2023-3#

  • New SOFiCAD product available via SOFiSTiK Application Manager. The new OEM product SOFiCAD AEC (stand-alone and as perpetual license available) which uses an AutoCAD Architecure core is now available also in English. (For more information about it please refer to your contact person with SOFiSTiK)

  • An issue related to wrong count values of the variable bars in the schedule was fixed.

  • An issue related with calculating the weight of the bended reinforcement fabrics in DOCX rebar lists was fixed.

Service Pack 2023-2#

  • New SOFiCAD product available via SOFiSTiK Application Manager. SOFiCAD AEC is a new OEM product (stand-alone and as perpetual license available) which uses an AutoCAD Architecure core.

  • SOFiCAD UI is partially available also in french: CUIX for the Reinforcement and Detailing modules are translated (context ribbons are still missing).

  • Specific bending diameters according to national France standard are implemented in program.

  • Fixed issue related to how the segment values are exported for shapes with obtuse bending angle.

  • Fixed issue related to member multiplikator and variable marks.

  • Fixed issue related to how the marks with compact table are exported in docx schedule.

  • Fixed issue related to how additional bars for varying marks are exported.

Service Pack 2023-1#

  • SOFiCAD OEM improved with Alignment and Steelwork modules from SOFiCAD full version. (For this you need an extra license - CADY granule)

  • Members are able to be exported in separate docx schedules.

  • Issue with running lengths marks in docx schedule solved.

  • Issue related with creation of a new viewport which lead to a crash solved.

  • Some issues which lead to crashes in steelworks module solved.

  • Issue related with wrong hook directions solved.

Service Pack 2023-0#

  • With version 2023 we start an annual release cycle of SOFiCAD.

  • The Open XML rebar schedule (-.docx) can be inserted into the plan with this version.

  • Fixed a crash when working with externally referenced drawings.

  • The recognition of bending shapes according to EN ISO is preset in the drawing templates.