Chain dimension of intersection points#

../../../_images/bemassung_ketten_schnittpunkte.png Chain dimension of intersection points




Erstellt eine Maßkette über eine Hilfslinie.


SOFiCAD > Bemaßung

Erstellt eine Maßkette über eine Hilfslinie.

Automatically found intersection points and additional optional points are dimensioned.

An auxiliary line is laid through the component to be dimensioned. All intersections of this auxiliary line with lines or polylines found by the program are identified by small auxiliary circles in the color magenta. Intersections with other drawing elements, especially blocks, are not found automatically. The user can then show any further points or remove points that have already been marked. You can switch between adding and removing. After twice RETURN, the dimension is drawn.

The dimension line definition points are saved at the points where the center points of the auxiliary circles were. When changing the drawing using editing commands such as STRETCH, these definition points must also be stretched, otherwise the dimensions will not change. The dimension does not depend on the formwork edge, but on the dimension line definition points.

You can use the user definition file to specify whether the dimensioning aids remain on the “virtual magenta line” or on the clicked formwork edges.


Include definition points, otherwise no change in dimensions!