Line types#

Line types are required for the display. A line consists of a repeating pattern of lines, dots, letters and spaces.

The line types are defined in a file with the extension .lin, which can be expanded / edited using an editor. Read the AutoCAD User Customization Guide.

The SOFiiso.lin has been expanded with additional line types due to some customer requests. The line types can be accessed via the AutoCAD “Start” group, “Properties” group. The line type manager is opened with the “Other…” command.

With the command “Load” the file “sofiiso.lin” or “Soficad.lin” can be opened in the support folder in the installation directory of SOFiCAD. There, for example, the line types “SOF_Regenwasser1” or “SOF_Schacht1” can be selected.


With metric units of measurement (MEASUREMENT = 1), line types are read from ACADISO.LIN or SOFiISO.LIN and hatching from the new hatching catalog SCHRAISO.KAT is used.


For British units of measurement (MEASUREMENT = 0), line types are read from ACAD.LIN or SOFiCAD.LIN and hatching from the hatching catalog SCHRAFF.KAT is used.